Feb 17, 2017

Finished for Printing

First time I ever really did some hand-drawn font stuff... not 100% happy with the kerning and whatnot but all I have to do is another dozen or so attempts and I'll figure out how to do them properly.

Feb 8, 2017

Couldn't sleep.

Plague Doctor

Line-work for a piece I'm doing for a buddy. Markers to this point, watercolours to come.

Jan 19, 2017

Self-imposed character design process

Working on a character: a hobbit/halfling innkeeper who is also a badass. Just exploring the idea, did a dozen teeny-tiny thumbnail sketches for poses and twenty-some palm-sized sketches trying out different dress shapes and styles (did not scan everything). Some fancier/richer stuff that looked good but I wanted to do something a simpler / more home-y for her.

Frog fishing

Passing this one off to my buddy to paint.  Been super busy getting back into the teaching swing.

Dec 19, 2016

Dwarven Conquistador

What if dwarves weren't all Scottish?

Dec 18, 2016

Sisters of Battle

A Penitent Engine and the Sisters of Battle that fight with it, including one of the Sisters Redemptia with the crazy eye and the 2-handed chainsword.  More illustrative with this one and on the big water-colour board the linework takes a a while.  Gonna go for some simpler designs next.

Forgot to scan the rough sketch again but here is the final product, a 3/4 finished one with 2 passes of colour, and the marker-sketch linework.

Take me to church.