Apr 24, 2015

Fancy Balrogs.

Pride and Prejudice style.  Markers are starting to dry out - stay tuned for further updates on my stationary.

Apr 12, 2015

Dapper demons.

So I got this book called "Animals Real and Imagined" and it is pretty stellar - beautiful drawings with a loving attention to anatomic detail and for the first time I really started looking (among other things) at how goat hooves work / are built and it made me want to draw imps.  But then I did some sketches and my favourite one had a little suit on and so now this is my new thing: Demons in finery. So I did an imp tailor a steampunk succubus and a work-in-progress of a modern Rakshasa in cutting-edge Indian threads. More to come.  Admiral Minotaur?  Prada Medusa? Yakuza-boss Oni? Who knows!

One lines and the last of the faeries.