Feb 17, 2007

One-line drawings - Birds

Here are a bunch of one line drawings I did at the Ottawa Museum of Nature. The point of a one-line drawing is to accurately capture as much as you can of your subject inside of two minutes, and you can't lift your pen from the paper. These first few are all birds, and they are pretty hit-and-miss in terms of quality, but I think I got enough good ones to put a page of them in my portfolio.

One-line drawings - People

These are from class. First one is a guy leaning on a mirror, in case it isn't clear.

One-line drawings - Mammals

One-line drawings from the Ottawa Museum of Nature.

Drawing at the nature museum!

Two 1 hour drawings from the displays at the Ottawa Museum of Nature. Have to go back and finish up the dinosaur skull.

Science Fiction layout and revision of Tokyo layout

Had to do a science fiction layout. Got bonus marks for a space ship (immobile) of our own design. So I have a hanger / cargo bay doors opening out onto an alien landscape, with a crashed ship. Salvage mission style. The ship has fins and a tail. Go figure.

The revision of my Tokyo layout is not yet good to go for the portfolio, but I got rid of a lot of the bad rendering, and it looks simpler now, so that is good. One more version and it should be ready to go.

Feb 10, 2007

Life drawing - Skull, skeleton, objects for portfolio

Various exercises and homework from life drawing. These are my best studies of objects and bones. I'm pretty sure I won't use the SNES cartridge though. I used a ruler for it, so it doesn't show too much of what I can do.

Feb 7, 2007

Evil scientist

Crazy villain with great hair. I especially like the one where he drank his potion, and he has the super-sourball-face. The one where he has the gun out needs work, I should probably have given it some more depth instead of flat-on from the side.

Bruce Lee cartoon

I figured that Bruce Lee was so close to a ninja, he pretty much has the real ultimate power thing down pat. His hair would probably be able to kill a squad of Navy SEALS on its own, with its afro-pick-nunchuks.


Caricature of Bruce Lee. Not very good at caricatures, I'm afraid.
Also, one of Jeff Goldblum Rich helped me with. Still needs work, but it is closer.