Feb 28, 2012

Environmental Design

Two themes: Old West and 16th to 18th century Europe. 10 thumbnail sketches, 3 value rendered thumbnails, and 2 grayscale rendered buildings for each. Also. show some textures that we made.

Feb 19, 2012

Samurai value designs

I REALLY like this little guy. I'm gonna develop his story more, 'cause I think there is a good story here. Plus, he's so cute!

Feb 10, 2012


Pop quiz! Is this picture...

A) The moon

B) A high-res picture of a concrete texture warped to wrap around the perceived surface of a sphere, created by shading a circle with a 5% to 65% gray airbrush in Photoshop?

It's B. We are learning to use textures in class. This is good, 'cause I only know enough to get into trouble at this point.

Feb 3, 2012

Assisnment: Design a samurai. Many outfits.

They didn't say it had to be a human. Mine is a weasel. We had to come up with a 100 word write-up to describe our character.

Itachi Kyu

Itachi is the ninth son of a great samurai general, from the noble badger clan. He is illegitimate and an embarrassment to his father. His eight brothers (badgers and stoats) are all strong and brave, and are heroic samurai. Itachi is physically weak, but very clever, quick on his feet, and stealthy. He is a trickster kind of hero. He works best alone and in the dark, since years of falling short of his brothers makes him choke in front of a crowd and falter under observation. He wants to be a great samurai and make his father proud, but he knows that he can't do it with brute force. He has to be smarter and faster. He has to find his own way.