Aug 19, 2016

Cockatoo Knights on their Rhinosaurus mounts.

Pencil sketch with markers on mid-tone sketchbook.  Done at the cottage when the babies were napping.

Aug 9, 2016

More beetles!

Nana beetle teaching the kids "Go Fish".

Aug 3, 2016

Samurai beetle?

Pushing some shapes a little, marker sketch of a samurai beetle with some kinda... polearm... thingy.  I like his tiny hands.

Aug 1, 2016

Ferengi marker sketch

I always liked the Ferengi - they were just so unabashedly creepy and selfish. Going to play some Star Trek RPG soon and I want to rock this guy.  He is a science officer - probability physics.  He has brain implants that allow him to determine likely outcomes from any given situation, and plan his actions accordingly.

Every good sketch has a good story.