Dec 26, 2008

Animation final and bonus track.

This here is the final assignment. We had to have Wendy hear a sound off-screen, turn to see what caused it, then react appropriately. Below is my bonus track. I handed in the cleaned-up version and still had some time before it was due, so I tried to see if I could animate something in just a couple hours. This bit would make more sense if the background were more visible: it is a sc-fi lab with aliens (from the Alien series) in vats along the wall.

Animation videos!

Just realised that I could post videos up here. Narf. Here are my walk cycle with the robot, Sprocket, and my jump-rope assignment with Wendy from earlier this year.

Dec 8, 2008

Emotion studies from drama class

Drawn from people in my class or movies / T.V.

Sep 24, 2008

Layout madness!

A sketch I did sort of for my nephew, who likes to play Bantha. Also, three layouts. The crazy tower was an assignment I just submitted (wish I had balanced out the composition a bit more, but I was happy with my bricks!) the other two, which I just got back, are from the spring.

Sep 1, 2008

Umad finds a hat.

Wow fanart for my sis, from scan to finished product.

Haunted house interior

Characters sketched this summer

Captain Crabbit, who has a question, and Alligator-Bear-Cat (for Kenj) a Platypus-cyborg-samurai (they said it couldn't be done!) and a cranky crocodile playing golf.


Jul 5, 2008

Giant sea turtle skeleton from Museum of Nature

This thing is the size of a U-Haul cube van and took seven hours to finish.

Characters from sketch nights at school + saturday classes

Quick sketches and doodles

One line drawings, 2 and 4 minutes

Life drawing this summer

The shaded drawing took an hour, the purple one five minutes, and the bottom two were fifteen minutes each. It is great to be able to get the information of a pose and the proportions down this fast, even if it is still rough. Thanks to my teachers for the help!