Feb 21, 2015

More of the same, but better?

So sketching out these fairies has been a zen little exercise, and I found (big shock) that good reference and sometime spent on the outfit makes a huge difference.  So it is also a bit of visual library building and all that, but I was finding the poses kind of stiff.  I liked the birds, and the outfits but all of my little winged people were just sort of looking off-page.  I rounded up some photos of people playing with / hugging horses and I'm trying to incorporate that to add a little interest / emotion in the drawings.  Seems obvious - and yet.

Feb 16, 2015

Markers and material study.

So I have done fifty-some pinups at this point, and I am changing gears a little. I decided that if I am going to make myself paint more I need to just jump into it and I thought a good place to start is material studies.  I did these as an exercise in school a few years ago, and if I can do with these with what I did with the pinups, then in a couple of months these will start to look a lot stronger.  So I'm not posting these out of any "Look at ze PAINTING, children!" kind of pride, but to keep myself accountable. This is the art equivalent of practicing your spelling before you actually write any stories. It is tedious but important.  You can't write the Great American Novel with emojis and memes of walruses. So let's get the worst part over with.


I think I'm gonna ditch the fairy wings. Just gonna draw some warriors on birds.  Deal.

Fairies on birds?

I saw a painting of a fairy riding a bird and I to try it myself. But I had to arm my fairies.  Because.

First I tried some markers, then some smaller water-colour-markers.  The bottom one I just inked by hand then painted in Photoshop - I think I like it the most so I am gonna try a few more pieces like that, I think.  More practice painting, even just kinda half-ass-shading like I did here is good practice.  Gotta ease into painting more.

Feb 12, 2015

Marker pin-ups 14

More pin-ups!  I came across a list of the greatest martial artists in the Marvel Universe (actually a forum where people were arguing over who gets to be on the list) and I grabbed a few of the lesser-knows (to me).

Spiral - A six-armed, time-travelling master of hand-to-hand-to-hand-to-hand-to-hand-to-hand and weapons specialist that uses dancing to do magic.  She's a badass. 

Ares - The God of War.  He can lift 70 tons and is, you know, a god of war.  So the dude can fight.  Plus he looks fetching in his tunic.

Arkon - Old enemy of the Fantastic Four and the Avengers.  He is both a kidnapper and attempted-atomic-armageddon-instigator.  He wanted to blow up all the atomic weapons on earth so that his planet could absorb the energy and stabilize its rings.  You know how rings get.  Iron Man fixed it though. It is cool.

Silver Sable - International mercenary, bounty hunter and CEO of her own company.She's in the new Spider-Man cartoon but I have not seen it yet.  She's all kinds of dangerous.

Feb 5, 2015

Marker pin-ups 13

So I have now crossed the line of fifty pinups.  Definitely doing better than the first few - I reeeeally think I should be doing these on better paper.  Some bristol or something - the mid-tone sketchbook is beautiful but kind of absorbent for the markers.  So I'll get to that once I am done with this book.  For reals.

The Guardians of the Galaxy!

No, really.  Bug, Mantis, Moondragon and Adam Warlock.  Bug is kinda like Spider-man, without webs, but with a spear.  Mantis is one of the greatest martial artists in the Marvel universe (respect).  Moondragon is one of the greatest martial artists / psychics / masters in all human endeavours and Adam Warlock is the saviour that comes out of a creepy cocoon to save whole swathes of the universe from super bad shit. He also looks fabulous in crimson booty shorts and tunic with gold accent belt and bracers.  I should write these like the red carpet interview things at the Oscars.

"Moondragon! Moondragon, who are you wearing?"

"I am rocking a monochromatic sling thong with matching boots and gloves.  Also, a popped collar on a swoopy cape."

"What about your hair?"

"I traded it for supreme knowledge of kung fu and telepathy."


Aw dang I meant to make Mantis' hair more black.  Next time, Mantis.  Next time.