Sep 11, 2007

More sketches


So I finally got a new scanner/printer, so I can scan up my sketches from the summer. The good ones, anyways. The crap ones, I save just for me.


Apr 24, 2007

Photography final from the Fall

Little explanation here. We had to take some pictures, then use those to create a drawing, in whatever style and materials we chose. We also had to include some writing to explain the picture or scene. Again, however we chose. "One word is enough, if that is all you want." was what we were told. So I got a little free-form with the writing, putting it entirely in dialogue, as poorly translated as a shelf full of Kung Fu and Babelfish could get it. I thought it was hysterical, but I got a zero for the written part of the assignment. I leave it to you all to judge.

Feet and hands

Apr 1, 2007

My foam-core character

This guy got blown up onto an 8' x 4' foam-core panel. Lucky him!

Mar 25, 2007


Thumbnails for background 2

Thumbnails for background 1

Latest revised characters

Latest in Life Drawing

2 revised layouts

Super happy with the Wizard's Basement one. This is about as good as I can get them. Still have to add my Snow White and Sci-Fi revisions.

Some character design stuff

Had to stylize an animal. I chose a gila monster, made him look kind of like a car salesman from Samurai Jack, or something. Also revised 2 previous "Evil Scientist" designs. My third one is getting put onto an 8'x4' foamcore for the Open House on April 19th. I'll post ihm later.

Feb 17, 2007

One-line drawings - Birds

Here are a bunch of one line drawings I did at the Ottawa Museum of Nature. The point of a one-line drawing is to accurately capture as much as you can of your subject inside of two minutes, and you can't lift your pen from the paper. These first few are all birds, and they are pretty hit-and-miss in terms of quality, but I think I got enough good ones to put a page of them in my portfolio.