Dec 26, 2008

Animation final and bonus track.

This here is the final assignment. We had to have Wendy hear a sound off-screen, turn to see what caused it, then react appropriately. Below is my bonus track. I handed in the cleaned-up version and still had some time before it was due, so I tried to see if I could animate something in just a couple hours. This bit would make more sense if the background were more visible: it is a sc-fi lab with aliens (from the Alien series) in vats along the wall.

Animation videos!

Just realised that I could post videos up here. Narf. Here are my walk cycle with the robot, Sprocket, and my jump-rope assignment with Wendy from earlier this year.

Dec 8, 2008

Emotion studies from drama class

Drawn from people in my class or movies / T.V.