May 27, 2015

Anatomy lessons

Went to the Ottawa Nature museum, they've got the "Body Worlds: Animals Inside Out" exhibit open for visits.  Amazing to see all of the overlapping muscles systems up so close, and posed in motion.  Took some pictures, did some sketches, put some markers on them when I got home. Sharpie and PITT white marker on mid-tone sketch pad.

May 21, 2015


More painting practice (not painted yet, ironically.), I wanted to do a bad-ass Celtic warrior, so I scribbled some poses and picked one, and I thought she looked cool but she was just kind of standing there.  So I posed her out better and gave her some more historically accurate gear.  Going for early 0 - 300 AD look.  After Romans showed up, before the middle ages.  Not a lot of records survive from the era, and reference on Pinterest is beautiful but improbable.  Broke out my reference books and found that simple tunics / belts / sandals were the way to go.  Threw on a big shield and some light leather armour and she's ready for  actual paint. Maybe get reference for the inside of a shield.  And woad.  Maybe some torcs.

I think.

May 17, 2015

Mario fan art.

More painting.  Always learning things.  Slooooooow learning...

May 7, 2015

Time for a monk, you say?

Her name is Sin, she trained under a master in the Shadowlands before slaying him in single combat and setting out to find her destiny.  Best hire ever.

A humble merchant.

Marker and value sketch.  I was playing some D&D in the Rokugan setting and I started sketching the characters, which is actually the reason I learned to draw in the first place. This is Kinko, of the Mondo Kinko Consortium.  An ambitious merchant determined to rise above his station no matter how many goblins lay in ambush along the way.

More to come - Bat-spirit samurai, A tainted monk with a dark past, and possibly a Wasp Clan bounty-hunter.