Jan 29, 2007

Character sketches

I started doodling again! The first two are a waiter-robot named "Breakfast" who was re-programmed for combat, as well as coffee. The second two are sketches for my sister, who plays an undead rogue on WoW. I did the crazy, strung-out, emaciated, scarred and vicious looking one first, but apparantly her character is supposed to be about eleven, and look all innocent. So I tried the second one, and I'll wait and see what she thinks of it.

Our first nude model

My first shot at drawing a nude model. The tupperware thingy she had her feet on was really hard to do.

New Update! Character lineup

Here is a character line-up I did for History of Animation. The monkey and the gorilla are trying to get of the zoo, you see? Only the zookeeper and Bruno the bear don't let them. Also, Lucy the nervous crocodile has a crush on the gorilla. Chuckles is an annoying hyena who laughs everytime someone fails or gets hurt.

Jan 21, 2007

Layout - 2 points of view.

Frankenstein-style lab with some kinda half robot guy on the table. Same room, same time, different point of view.

Stretch and squash

Had to do a one-shape character for class and stretch him a bit. So I made a fat bean.

Next batch.

Scanning in my character for Steamboat Willie: Ollie, an ostrich with transpecies issues. HE thinks he is a rooster, you see.

Jan 8, 2007

First Post

So now I have a blog. I might as well take advantage of this to post some stuff that I've drawn so far. I liked some of the all-geometric-shape guys we have done too, but I'll wait until we've done skin and clothes and whatnot before I start posting them.

Starting with layouts, then.

And now a couple of characters I did. Rich helped me with these two, and the werewolf still needs work, but there you have it.

Apparanlty I have to start drawing darker, or get a more sensitive scanner. I'm leaning towards the former. That's all for now.