Dec 1, 2013

Course finished? Layouts finished? Nothing left to draw!?

Better get sketching then.  So many more bad drawings to get through before everything I do is excellent. Sketching from reference - building up my visual library. Military gear.  Robutz.  Helicopter.  Bugs. A dried fish-head.

Tried out some markers!  I like 'em.

Nov 26, 2013

Final from the World Building course.

Skipped life drawing to finish this up. Learnin about colours.  Sometimes a brown is a purple.  Other times, it is a green.  Magic.

Nov 2, 2013

Week 4 thumbnails - Costume design

Not going to be able to finish any designs by Sunday, but I got the thumbnails done.  Doing the Cyberpunk dystopian future. 

Soldiers are from different themed biker gangs.

Entertainers are musicians in their stage outfits.

Ruling class are the high-tech, ultra-wealthy.  Wizard fashion is currently popular, with electronic wands and staves replacing smart phones / personal electronics.

Oct 26, 2013

Week 3 of World-building

3rd week assignment. Designing plants and animals of a dystopian cyberpunk future, set on the island of Montreal.

1. Sun Jar: Bio-engineered plant that stores solar energy in organic "battery-fruit" that can be harvested and adapted to provide limited electricity. In The Drift and other areas without reliable power, these plants are highly prized.

2. Designer Ivy: Fast-growing ivy that can be programmed to change individual leaves' colour.  Often planted and set to display corporate logos or local advertisements.

3. Post-Terminal fungal growth:  Certain zombies or 'sites nearing death, have powerful urges to climb somewhere high and sheltered, and secure themselves.  The parasite then grows explosively, feeding on the host to grow branch-like growth, scattering billions of spores to the wind.

4. Bear-dog: Resurrected from pre-historic samples, Amphicyon Ingens has been bred for intelligence and loyalty, and are used as guard animals and pets by the ultra-rich. Wild or escaped bear-dogs stalk the abandoned streets of The Drift.

5. Terminal Infected:  The parasite is in full effect, the human host has no long-term memory and has lost the ability to speak.  Tremors, irrational behaviour, and necrosis all signal that the person is a zombie, and beyond help.

6. Snow Worm: Found predominantly in the Drift and scattered throughout the island, snow worms are large, solitary predators that lie in ambush under piles of trash or, in the winter, snow. Their skin changes colour and texture like an octopus.  Their powerful pincers and tail allow them to grab and constrict their prey while they pull their victim back into their hiding place.

May 14, 2013

More sketches between deadlines.

I haven't drawn much for myself over the past couple of months, but here are some of my favourites.

Feb 14, 2013

Valentine Pin-up

Pin-up for the webcomic I do with my sister:
It's neat going back to the beginning and seeing what I did a year ago vs. what I do now in the comic.  For me, anyways. Probably not for you.

You don't think anything is neat.