Jul 29, 2009

Anna Snow

The one under my bed has long spindly arms and a face like a grey alien. The one in my closet only has eyes.

Magill Foote

Martin Duncan

Eric Rochon

The monster under my bed is pretty chill. His name is Dave and he likes coloring books. The one in my closet is blatantly flamboyant... so he stays in.

Ian Cantello

A golem constructed of empty camera and PC hardware boxes.

Kathleen Biard - Dustbunnies.

Jul 24, 2009


Burgle works tech support part-time and complains about the shortage of chinese take-out.

Jul 2, 2009

New character designs

I drew the characters my sister and I play in D&D, So much fun. Also tried some simplified cartoony characters. I have a hard time simplifying anatomy, and figuring out what I can leave out, so these are good practice.

Overdue sketches

Just a couple robots, Going to try and colour the "No-Crossing Bot".