Jan 31, 2015

Marker pin-ups 12

So I tackled the original "Guardians of the Galaxy".

Yondu - The guy who whistled at his arrow in the movie and it killed shit. They did a pretty slick redesign for the movie... This is what he originally looked liked. And he controlled arrows with whistling and singing.

Nikki - Genetically designed to live on Mercury (as you do) Nikki is resistant to radiation and has an on-fire head.

Starhawk - Named Aleta Ogord, there is a whole convoluted history where she joined the team and then merged consciousnesses and whatever and looked pretty good and fought space-crime and I don't know what else.  There was also a dude named Starhawk, but I drew her/him like this 'cause she rocks a v-neck.  So does Yondu.  And Nikki.  This team is big on V-necks.

Charlie-27 - Genetically designed to live on Jupiter, Charlie-27 is hella strong and durable.  And self-conscious of his thick thighs. So, on Jupiter's surface you would weigh 2.4 times what you do on Earth.  I thought for sure it was way higher than that.  I mean, you would shoot through the surface because it is all gaseous, but Charlie-27 has probably got some gas-floaty housing. Yeah.  2.4 times as much.

Jan 25, 2015

Just finished a sketchbook

Sketchbook number 25 is full and shelved.  Here are some sketches from it.  One-lines are 90 seconds, pencil sketches are about 5 minutes.

Jan 24, 2015

Marker pin-ups 11

Chosen from the ranks of the Legion of the Unliving. These boys were all alive at some point, but after they died they were resurrected by the Grandmaster and sent to fight the Avengers. Korvac, Terrax the Tamer, Baron Blood, and Death Adder. 

Their claims to fame:

Korvac stole the Power Cosmic and killed a bunch of heroes, notably Captain America and Wonderman (don't worry - they got better).

Terrax the Tamer was a Herald of Galactus, but never seemed to be able to get his shit together and gets played around by Doctor Doom, the Fantastic Four and Annihilus. Although he HAS destroyed at least one planet in its entirety.

Baron Blood is a Nazi-acrobat-vampire (as you do) who was been staked, decapitated and / or killed by Captain America, Union Jack, the Invaders, Namor, a different Union Jack, and an english army officer. He is also a professor at the Latverian School of Science.

Death Adder killed M.O.D.O.K., was shot and killed by the Scourge of the Underworld, was resurrected and killed Tigra, SURVIVED a fight with the Punisher and was then killed by Venom.

For the record, most of the people I have drawn I have only a passing familiarity with, and all the stories I tell about them I get from wikipedia.

Jan 19, 2015

Marker pin-ups 10

Not villains, although a lot of characters play for both sides, as it were.  Also, One of these MAY be Enchantress in disguise.  Which makes everyone kind of suspect.  Valkyrie, Thundra, Tigra, and Hellcat.  I didn't know that Tigra hooked up with Ant-man for a while.  Did you guys know that?  I did not know that.  Valkyrie's expression is my favourite of these.  Like she just shivved a frost giant and is all delicately surprised that something happened off to her left.

Marker pin-ups 9

The Masters of Evil! Same group as Baron Zemo's, just some different villains running with the name. Cardinal, Skein, Crimson Cowl and Man-Killer.  She's got Pym particles, hence the foreshortening. Still having trouble making the guys look pin-up-y and not just stretchy.  Friend of mine said to go more classic pin-up pose.  I dunno.  More practice.

Jan 11, 2015

Marker pin-ups 8

The Femme Fatales! Mindblast, Whiplash, Bloodlust and Knockout.  They gave Spiderman some trouble from time to time.

Jan 10, 2015

Marker pin-ups 7

The Wrecking Crew!  Four dudes who just can't seem to pull off super-villainy.  Despite having the strength of Thor.  Thunderball, Bulldozer, Piledriver, and The Wrecker.  I figure after these guys get thrashed by the Avengers they maybe need to blow off steam.  And, you know... battle-damaged costumes are the way to go.  That crowbar was infused with Asgardian power by the Queen of the Norns so... don't laugh or anything.  Magic crowbar. Deal with it.


Marker pin-ups 6

The Grapplers!  Career criminals, ultimate-division wrestlers and all-around badasses. Lascivious, Letha, Screaming Mimi and Poundcakes.  Poundcakes is my favourite.

Marker pin-ups 5

The Masters of Evil!  Moonstone, Whirlwind, Baron Zemo and Titania.  Just found this out about Baron Zemo - he always wears that mask because it is glued to his face with Adhesive X - a super-adhesive that could not be dissolved (except years later by somebody named Paste-pot Pete).  See, Zemo was a nazi scientist who was so evil and reviled that he wore the mask to conceal his identity.  During a fight with Cap, a vat of the stuff got smashed and stuck the hood to his face.  There is rich mythology here.

Marker pin-ups 4

The Femizons! Iron Maiden, Superia, Nightshade, and Snapdragon.  These are supervillains bent on world domination and the establishment of women as the dominant gender.  These are their actual outfits.

Marker pin-ups 3

The younger generations of the Inhumans!  Alaris, Nahrees, Tonaja, and Jolen.  Full disclosure, I have read some Inhumans, but these characters I am not familiar with.  Started getting into colour and kinda overdid it - gonna stick with fewer colours in the future.  I mean, when possible.  Some costumes are just fashion disasters. 

Marker pin-ups 2

Members of the sultry Serpent Society! Black Mamba, Asp, Diamondback, and Anaconda.  At this point I have discovered that for female comic book characters, you really don't have to change their outfits to make them pin-ups. By the time I got to Diamondback I decided that some of these villains would be kinda put out, posing around in their outfits.  So I drew her cranky and it was my favourite up to this point.

Marker pin-ups 1

I love drawing pinups.  I am a happily paying member of Suicide Girls and they have some great photos for pose reference.  I also wanted to draw comic book characters - specifically villains because they have the best outfits.  Catwoman and Red Sonja have been drawn all sexy a hojillion times by all kinds of artists, including almost every in-book depiction.  It is hard to caricature or sexy-up a female character that has already been so thoroughly exaggerated, so I wanted to do something different.  I went looking for obscure comic book villains that aren't gonna get a movie any time soon.  Also, I was gonna draw the dudes too.  Because they deserve it just as much.  So here is my first batch. Some of Batman's lesser known foes.  In order like you would read: Livewire, Phobia, Magpie, and Kiteman.

I got markers. I'm gonna use 'em.

Got me a fancy chisel-tip marker.  And a super fine-tip marker (0.05 mm say WHAT!?).  And a white marker. And a mid-tone sketchbook.  I always shied away from markers and pens, I really dig my pencil sketches. I heard a quote from Chris Oatley's podcast: "Fewer marks, more decisions."  And I've been giving that a shot. I dig it.