Nov 26, 2013

Final from the World Building course.

Skipped life drawing to finish this up. Learnin about colours.  Sometimes a brown is a purple.  Other times, it is a green.  Magic.

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Serap Baser said...

The side-walks look as though they should be less well preserved. It's a contrast with the people and private enterprise. The govt. takes care of the sidewalks better than the zombies, and other hurt creatures.

The lighting is so beautiful, I feel alone. I don't remember sunshine, and I'm not sure I want it back.
No graffiti. Graffiti is an indication of creativity, and expression. This world is either under such totalitarian control that the consequences of getting caught are unthinkable, or hope has gone so far underground that there is no evidence of struggle other than to survive. (I tried duck, twice. Survival is the only reason I'd ever try it again.)

The world you built is framed and there is nothing entering or exiting it from the edges (unlike your Snow Worm from "Third Week"; by making it come over the wall from the unseen, you made your world infinite, and the worm so menacing just by leaving its tail on the other side. Where it belongs. It just invades your visible world with slowmoving white malice, and it is perpetually "almost over the wall, almost here"). But the neon sign on the door says "OPEN" and I want to see what's inside. The doors and the ads invite me to go in, be warm, and walk further into the unseen part of your world. I just know that Prof. Greebles will tell me WTF is going on in this place.

Controlled anarchy. Let's see what happens next.