Mar 10, 2014

New stuff!

  I don't usually do commissions, but when I do, I steal a seven year old internet meme to explain that I tried out vellum and a nib pen for the first time.  Used yesterday's tea to make the vellum yellow and gross. It is the blueprints for a World of Warcraft goblin zeppelin. A lot of inside jokes - slow work with the ink-dipping and no "undo" button, but I dig it.  Will try this kind of thing again.

1 comment:

Serap Baser said...

No way Greebles made that schematic. I know that filthy lying-cheating-son-of-a-Horder thief. He stole it for sure. I also know Hogglesprigs shoddy metalwork when I see it. And that Mote is a Tudyk Original for sure; it should explode about 7 minutes after lift. (That's his mangy tinker-squirrel on the bowsprit). And if those wings (Stabilizers? Really?) weren't designed by Bugslag, I'll eat blighted fungus with the Lich King.
...And what the hell is Maghda doing there? She's Alliance! She usually gets her sister Sarazin to do her dirty work.
If anyone can pull one over on that moneybags, Putputpuran, it's that weasel, Greebles. Bebek's going to be needing a new accountant to run Wow-mart and Swissaccounts for her.
Yeash, Greebles. Turdbucket.