Nov 22, 2016

In the grim darkness of the far future, there are only pin-ups.

Wanted some more watercolour practice and I got the Warhammer 40k bug again.  Also I wanted to draw pin-ups so what we get (on some new bigger 11'x14' watercolour card) is a pin-up harlequin jetbike troupe.  I spent my evening lovingly shading shapely space-elf-butts.

Took a couple pictures of the process, simple forms, detailed pencil line, and a 1/2 way coloured shot.  Usually I do 2 passes of the colours to get some depth and shading in.  I really like the watercolour blending to just smooth out the pencil colours. Still looks better in person but they scan a lot cleaner than just normal coloured pencils.

Next up, some naughty and grotesque Genestealer Cultists.  Can't wait.

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