Jan 10, 2015

Marker pin-ups 1

I love drawing pinups.  I am a happily paying member of Suicide Girls and they have some great photos for pose reference.  I also wanted to draw comic book characters - specifically villains because they have the best outfits.  Catwoman and Red Sonja have been drawn all sexy a hojillion times by all kinds of artists, including almost every in-book depiction.  It is hard to caricature or sexy-up a female character that has already been so thoroughly exaggerated, so I wanted to do something different.  I went looking for obscure comic book villains that aren't gonna get a movie any time soon.  Also, I was gonna draw the dudes too.  Because they deserve it just as much.  So here is my first batch. Some of Batman's lesser known foes.  In order like you would read: Livewire, Phobia, Magpie, and Kiteman.

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