Jan 31, 2015

Marker pin-ups 12

So I tackled the original "Guardians of the Galaxy".

Yondu - The guy who whistled at his arrow in the movie and it killed shit. They did a pretty slick redesign for the movie... This is what he originally looked liked. And he controlled arrows with whistling and singing.

Nikki - Genetically designed to live on Mercury (as you do) Nikki is resistant to radiation and has an on-fire head.

Starhawk - Named Aleta Ogord, there is a whole convoluted history where she joined the team and then merged consciousnesses and whatever and looked pretty good and fought space-crime and I don't know what else.  There was also a dude named Starhawk, but I drew her/him like this 'cause she rocks a v-neck.  So does Yondu.  And Nikki.  This team is big on V-necks.

Charlie-27 - Genetically designed to live on Jupiter, Charlie-27 is hella strong and durable.  And self-conscious of his thick thighs. So, on Jupiter's surface you would weigh 2.4 times what you do on Earth.  I thought for sure it was way higher than that.  I mean, you would shoot through the surface because it is all gaseous, but Charlie-27 has probably got some gas-floaty housing. Yeah.  2.4 times as much.

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